Follow your music, follow your heart
With personal shape and powerful function in one
Give music a new form
Listen to the music with massive network resource
Mobile phones intelligent control, operate the music in your hands!

Cloud music

Yodar has already built its own cloud music library, with more than 100000 high quality songs of 320kbps, covers all the popular music tracks at home and abroad, including songs, cross talks, dramas, etc. It is a free access to massive resources.


hrough the Airplay, DLNA function, cell phones can push music directly to the speakers if they are connected to WIFI. It is widely compatible to music APPs; support Baidu Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music, QQ Music, online FM, etc.

HIFI or not, your ears are in charge.

Ear is the most reliable tool to determine whether the sound is HIFI or not, X5's size is small, but it strives for perfection in design and supports high fidelity nondestructive music decoding function, faithfully reflect high-fidelity sound, and reproduce the most pure emotion in the music.

All music instruction in one hand

Control music through Yodar APP, the operation interface is simple, functional and easy to use; various audio switches are at will, under your instruction, all music is in your hand!

I love music, don't let me stop!

In addition to the powerful function, X5's unique portability, allows you to play your favorite music anytime, anywhere, and the experience is unexpected, music is all around you!