Cloud palm smart home

Control your home with one APP

A key control, home in your fingers.

Temperature system: even thousands of miles away, it is available to use mobile phone to remotely control the temperature and humidity in your home, adjusting to the most comfortable environment for your family members after returning from school or work, let your love around them.

Intelligent curtain: Mobile phone can control the curtains, there is no need to manually pull the curtains.

Switch system: Mobile phone can control all the switch sockets in your house

Lighting system: Lighting system can also be remotely controlled.

Cloud palm smart home
Care for you

Live a colorful life

Intelligence let your house get smart

Before you go home, you can remotely control your home air conditioning, and set the ideal temperature Warm or cool, enjoy the best temperature You can control the home appliances as long as you have a smart phone Understand home condition at anytime and anywhere
Just like having a personal butler

Custom · private home

Optional configuration, free definition for multiple scenarios
Leave home mode: One key to turn all the lights off, start the security system
Get home mode: Lights are automatically turned on, and adjust to the most comfortable brightness; kitchen electric cooker has spread the smell of rice. An instruction, the curtain slowly closes, gives you a dream room.
Video mode: Living room lights turned dim, background music system starts, and instantly transformed into home theater.
More modes depend on you.
One key is to start your smart home.