Have you ever thought of such a life?
Every breath you take,
feeling the air of fully infiltrates the music.
Melody beating at your fingertips,
a simple cell phone instruction,
is flowing into your where it is needed.
In the morning,
the timing music begins smoothly, with the sun to wake you up;
At noon,
your parents are in the living room, sipping tea and chatting, listening to the crosstalk,and overwhelmed with joy;
In the evening,
the children held an English fairy tale book listen to the synchronization of
audio and follow to read aloud: Once upon a time
You are the leading role of your life,
deserve background music only for you.

Music is your thought

As you downloaded Yodar mobile phone control software, it immediately turned into a remote control; you can control the whole house music. You do not need to go between the rooms to switch music. Let music follow your heart.

Colorful life, beautiful music

Small integrated panels, fully support for all audio playback mode. Equipped with TF card, USB2.0 interface and a built-in FM antenna, external CD / DVD, TV and other 2 audio wireless transmissions, and perfectly matches all digital equipments. Colorful life, as you demand.

Bluetooth connection Play as you want

Throw off the phone / tablet embarrassing volume size limit, via Bluetooth pairing play, Yodar background music system becomes horn, release your media library, with lossless sound sync output. More realistic picture for mobile games, movies, and the music is more shocking with higher quality; you can easily enjoy your home theater.

Timing switch, overthrow the definition of alarm clock

Timing switch supports four sets of time points. In the early morning, when you need to be wake up by the music. At the dinner table, play a birthday or romantic songs to celebrate the special day, Fall asleep in the pure music of Bandari. the music automatically shut down. Yodar becomes your alarm clock in a more elegant way.

The music runs in a proper way,
relax your ears

Yodar audio system adopts America's top audio engineering design, dedicates to high fidelity stereo sound quality, and strives to show the level of the performance of the level and details of the music, it delicates to capture a clear reduction. It abandons the monotone stack for the use of technology; we hope the sound is more beautiful, and proper for relaxation.