Fashionable intelligent music system B5
Music for freedom, follow your heart
Cut off the tail of traditional stereo
Rejected all card and external
Control your music with a smart phone
Put the network songs in your stereo
yodar,start a revolution in wireless music
Let the music flow
A new era for music

Enjoy cloud music, walking on the clouds

Yodar cloud music, born to enjoy your hearing, dedicates more than 100000 high-fidelity songs for you. Besides, there are songs, stories, Buddha songs, sketches, etc. Connected Wi-Fi, you can search for your favorite songs through the control panel or cloud music on your phone.

Airplay for you, wireless connection

Fashionable Airplay/Qplay/DLNA music push technology, through smart phones, connected Wi-Fi, with a finger touch, mobile phone APP music songs can be pushed to the software of Yodar intelligent stereo, with unlimited millions of online music only for you.

Intelligence control App, enjoy your music freely

Connecting Wi-Fi, by mobile phone APP, you can easily control the whole house music. Time switching、switching audio source, adjusting the volume, all in your operation.

Rich source of sound, free play

The broadcasting way is diversity; it can completely meet your demand for sound source selection, equipped with MP3 music, FM radio, U disk/TF card, DVD/TV interface, with only a touch, the music is all in your hands.