Enjoy different music in different rooms

【music living room ·fashionable Party】
【music kitchen· happy cuisine】
【music dining room ·elegant fashion】
【Washroom ·fashionable radio】
【Children's room& parents' room - English songs & Drama】

Beautiful sounds Perfect HIFI

Top class AB home theater level power amplifier design, different from other class D power amplifier electronic design background music, big power, high quality sound, and the heavy bass effect is remarkable, with clearer and more rich sound level details, shock sound, stereo surrounding, it makes you enjoy every inch of the peak sound.

Mobile intelligence control Enjoy your music easily

Yodar app control software can be downloaded in mobile phone, with WiFi connection, it can easily control all audios, and MP3, FM radio, Bluetooth mobile phone music can be switched freely, you can sit on the sofa, and control music for the whole room.

Five kinds of sound source
one key to meet the music demand of all family

Bluetooth synchronization, enjoy private mobile phone music
Built-in USB interface, SD card interface, read the media directly, enjoy MP3 music freely
FM radio music, the storage of dozens of radio stations, make the effect more outstanding
DVD/ TV external audio, make the sound more stereo and dimensional