Music for the new generation

Leading wireless intelligent kitchen music life

Soften water and oil fierce intersection sizzle

Write a symphony of pots and pans intersection

Relax and enjoy the bath time.

Yodar Music Ceiling,

Make a new life of your kitchen and bathroom.

Integrated style design

Simple and easy installation

Break the rules of ceiling must be installed for the slotting and wiring. Using a 300x300 general types of aluminous gusset plate, whether it is before the renovation or decoration, you can combine integrated kitchen ceiling installation easily.


             Aviation grade high-quality aluminum

 Unique coating layer   Waterproof and oil resistant

The Music Ceiling using high-quality aluminum by anodic oxidation process crafted, flame retardant and anti- rust put an end to water vapor smoke damage, after installation and integrated ceiling flush, can long remain bright. Horn unique coating layer, waterproof and oil proof, durable double.

Wi-Fi gives the kitchen bathroom life a new experience

Minimalist PA design, with various types of decoration style can complement each other. Support all audio modes. With TF card, USB2.0, FM, AUX-2.

Mobile phone /Panel /Remote control

Intelligent operation system offers you a easy way to choose music.